“La Dolce Vita” … vendible! Tribunal Judge, six others, arrested over cash payments for favorable sentences


Aberration or Tip of the Iceberg? The “Fatto Quotidiano” daily reports on a particularly troubling legal affair.

It seems particularly galling that in today’s Italy, where reform (and the ensuing austerity measures) are the talk of the Piazza, that the corruption we’ve been treated with on the political level seems to pervade Italy’s legislative branch as well. After all, these are the people tasked with ferreting out, and addressing issues of corruption.

It’s a rather convoluted plot, dear reader, so please bear with us on the sordid details: consider one Franco Angelo Maria De Bernardi, a high-ranking Judge of the Lazio Region’s TAR Tribunal; who was arrested along with six accomplices, for allegedly getting between 5,000 and 50,000 euros for dispensing favorable sentences on matters of banking … and maritime issues – two Generals (high-ranking Italian Defense Department officials) are also involved.

The “Fatto Quotidiano” lists the names of those arrested this morning, and we reprint them without comment; they are- in addition to the aforementioned Judge: Matilde De Caprio (no relation to our Renaissance Master Leonardo) a Roman lawyer, Giorgio Cerruti, “mediator” (whose Financial services company failed in the 90s, leaving a hole of 100 million liras, and who has reputed ties to the Roman Masons – investigators came upon Mr Cerruti during an anti-mafia operation in the mid-90s, following Licio Gelli’s money; Mr Gelli, for those unfamiliar, was head of Italy’s P2 Lodge,) Also arrested – but placed under house arrest, were Giovannino Antonini, President of the Banca Popolare di Spoleto, Francesco Clemente, Francesco Felice Lucio De Sanctis and Marco Pinti.

On the table – at an expensive restaurant in Rome, at which the Judge and several people sat down to eat – was an apparent request to have charges regarding investigations into the disappearance of millions of euros from prominent banks, dismissed. The tab for the mealtime deal: a cool 50,000 euros.

The accusation is Corruption of Judicial Rulings – a crime punishable by up to 12 years behind bars.

Also under the microscope of (other) Judges are two Generals, both top officials of the Italian Defense Ministry. One of these was involved in the ongoing legal dispute with India over the two Special Forces agents accused of killing Indian sailors while on patrol in the Indian Ocean.

The whole affair casts a(nother) dark shadow on Italy’s legislative branch. As has been posted in the comments below the original article on the “Fatto Quotidiano” confidence is low that any of the accused will face justice, given their high positions – whereas those – lesser citizens – convicted of “growing two plants of Marijuana” face the full brunt of Italy’s regressive laws.

We post this under “Art” because we’re impressed with the ballsy bravura, and masterful virtuosity of the performances of those involved.

Ahhh, La Dolce Vita!

The photo above is from the Lazio Region Tar Tribunal site, linked here.

To read about the Socio-Political-Economic boondoggle that was… (is still?)  the Propaganda 2 – P2 – Masonic Lodge, we direct you to the informative wikipedia article on it, linked here.

And for the original article about the arrests, you can visit the Italian-language “Fatto Quotidiano” article, linked here.

(Thx, Steve)

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