Cavemen painters were high on psychedelics according to new study


A group of Tokyo-based researchers have discovered that some of the geometric patterns produced by modern-day test subjects under the influence of psychotropic substances are similar to etchings created by our cavemen ancestors.

These patterns, called “Turing Instabilities” which resemble structures of the human brain, show, according to the researchers, “can be best explained by the common experience of these patterns as geometric hallucinations during altered states of consciousness induced by shamanic ritual practices.”


Researchers Tom Froese, Alexander Woodward and Takashi Ikegami, published their study in Adaptive Behavior – in it they claim that these patterns appear on cave paintings and rock art across all continents.

We link to the Study, published in Adaptive Behavior, here.

The photo above is from Wikipedia.

(via AnimalNewYork)


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