Ebi de Boer, Pietrasanta based sculptor charts the Multiverse, in Poetry and Stone ____________ Pietrasanta Artists & Sculptors, 2013


East-Frisian artist Ebi de Boer divides her time between the northern-most German beaches of the North Sea and Pietrasanta, where she has worked – in the city’s marble studios and bronze foundries -for more than twenty years.

The constant awe of the “structures of being” and the “beauty of senselessness and otherness,” are the main subject of her work. She assembles her art from marble found in the rivers below the quarries of Monte Altissimo and from that which washes up on shore, after an underwater sojourn.

Her poetry, which she carves onto her pieces celebrates life, in all its manifestations.

Visit the artist’s website, linked here.

Read more about Ebi de Boer’s unique view of the Multiverse on her sculpture blog, linked here.






“Pietrasanta Artists & Sculptors” is an ongoing series on Art is Life, featuring the work of artists who are from, based out of, or have worked in Pietrasanta, a city on Tuscany’s northwestern coast, known as “Italy’s Little Athens” for its art scene, marble laboratories and bronze foundries.

If you are an artist working in Pietrasanta, (or that has a Pietrasanta connection) we invite you to send in your artwork, along with a short bio, and/or to recommend any artist you feel fits these criteria. Write to us at info@artislimited.com.

We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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