Silvina Spravkin, Pietrasanta based sculptor forges alchemical forms in marble and mosaic ____________ Pietrasanta Artists & Sculptors, 2013


Silvina Spravkin, Argentinian sculptor, has lived and worked in Pietrasanta for 30 years. Traveling through Europe she discovered Pietrasanta, and its intense artistic and artisanal life, which she then made her home. She works in marble and in mosaic; her sculptures are intimate, magical and transformative, and linger between memories and dreams of a life lived in harmony with the earth

Visit the artist’s website, linked here.

Read more about Silvina Spravkin’s views on art and sculpture on her sculpture blog, linked here.





The photos are by Jens Scheffler, visit his website, linked here.


“Pietrasanta Artists & Sculptors” is an ongoing series on Art is Life, featuring the work of artists who are from, based out of, or have worked in Pietrasanta, a city on Tuscany’s northwestern coast, known as “Italy’s Little Athens” for its art scene, marble laboratories and bronze foundries.

If you are an artist working in Pietrasanta, (or that has a Pietrasanta connection) we invite you to send in your artwork, along with a short bio, and/or to recommend any artist you feel fits these criteria. Write to us at


2 thoughts on “Silvina Spravkin, Pietrasanta based sculptor forges alchemical forms in marble and mosaic ____________ Pietrasanta Artists & Sculptors, 2013

  1. This is such engrossing work for its scale. I think you have shown some by her before…I remember bees. The love letter piece is exquisite. Will I be able to see some in person in September, do you think?

    • Hey Star, this is the first of Silvina Spravkin’s work that we post… it IS truly wonderful work. Some of it is at the Paola Raffo Gallery in town…
      Keep in touch and we’ll see what we can pull off…
      : D

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