(Art)Pop will eat itself, con’t: Lady Gaga shills for Marina Abramovic Institute “Kickstarter” Fundraiser – … in the nude


This is so unabashedly bad – from so many angles – that it MUST be Art.

After coming out and retracting much of the “groundbreaking” and “innovative” hype surrounding her new “album/app” – planned for release in November of this year – titled Artpop, (Lady Gaga now says that the album supposedly just features a cd jewel-case package which is apparently wired into advertising promotions…) The singer then spent the last week doing “meditation work” designed… well, we reprint from the Marina Abramovic Institute Vimeo Channel, quote:

Last week at a three-day retreat in upstate New York, Marina instructed Lady Gaga in the Abramovic Method–a series of exercises designed to heighten participants’ awareness of their physical and mental experience in the present moment.

Marina Abramovic Institute (MAI) will be the first space dedicated to practicing the Abramovic Method, which prepares participants to both perform and observe long durational work.

To learn the Abramovic Method exercises via live stream from Marina, back the Kickstarter at the $25 level or higher (kck.st/15kYWJe).

For more about the Abramovic Method, see our website (bit.ly/176oqto) and this video from Bonsai TV (bit.ly/14z2ZVO).

Visit Marina Abramovic Institute on Twitter (@hudsonMAI), Facebook (facebook.com/MAIhudson), and Tumblr (maihudson.tumblr.com)

For more information or press requests, e-mail contact@MAI-hudson.org

… Unquote.

We confess to a morbid fascination with dubious art conflagrations, shameless art shilling and meditation in the nude, so we post the video of Lady Gaga’s nude meditation / kickstarter fundraiser, in all of its 2-minute-19-second entirety:

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