“Antonio Canova, la bellezza e la memoria” Exhibition in Florence showcases, drawings, sketches and plaster models of the Neoclassical Italian genius


“Antonio Canova, la bellezza e la memoria” (Antonio Canova, Beauty and Memory) an exhibition at the picturesque Casa Buonarroti Museum in Florence, offers a rare glimpse into the mind of Italy’s greatest Neoclassical sculptor by bringing together drawings, life-drawing sketches, project studies, and plaster models from the collection of the Museo Civico in Bassano del Grappa.

Memory and Beauty… often fused together in the work of Canova, who continued the Renaissance tradition of looking back to classical antiquity and who produced some of the world’s most timeless and beautiful sculptures.

The exhibition which features 40 drawings, and several plaster models by Canova – such as the stunning Venere Italica, (pictured above) projected for the Tribuna of the Uffizi and produced between 1804 and 1812. The Casa Buonarroti is Michelangelo’s “birth home” and houses some rarely seen works by the Renaissance master, such as Battaglia dei Centauri and the Madonna della Scala, which were made while Michelangelo was very young.

“Antonio Canova, la bellezza e la memoria” is curated by Giuliana Ericani.

Visit the Casa Buonarroti Museum website for more information, linked here.



“Antonio Canova, la bellezza e la memoria”
Until the 21st of October, 2013
Casa Buonarroti,
via Ghibellina 70
Hours: from 10am to 5pm, closed Tuesdays.
Tickets: 6 euros and 50 cents (full ticket price)
For more information, and to make reservations:
Tel: +39 055 241752

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