“Decapitated copperhead snake’s head bites itself” viral video reads like negative haruspicy… that’s “Bad Mojo” in Etruscan


“In Etruscan and Roman religious practice, a haruspex (plural haruspices) is a person trained to practice a form of divination called haruspicyhepatoscopy or hepatomancy. Haruspicy is the inspection of the entrails (exta) of sacrificed animals, especially the livers of sacrificed sheep and poultry. Haruspicy is one of the three branches of the “Etruscan discipline” (disciplina Etruscapreserved in written texts that were known to the Romans, along with ritual practice and divination from lightning.

As a specific form of the general practice of extispicy, haruspicy as practiced by the Romans and Etruscans has antecedents in the Near East among the Hittites and Babylonians. …”

From the Wikipedia article on Haruspex, linked here.


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