Matteo Venturini and Max Westermann perform for the Organ of Peace Festival in Sant’Anna this Sunday


The “Organo della Pace” (Organ of Peace) Festival continues this weekend in Sant’Anna with a performance by Matteo Venturini on Organ and Max Westermann on Trumpet.

The festival is an annual event remembering the 560 women, children and old folk who were gunned down in the last days of WW II by Nazi soldiers – aided by local fascists. The church organ was destroyed during the raid. It has since been restored with the help of a German-Italian initiative. Every year the Festival features world-class organists; the performances start at 5:30pm and are free to the public.

We post a video of Matteo Venturini playing Vierne’s “Toccata op. 53.

There are two more performances scheduled for this year’s Festival, one by Giovannimaria Perrucci on the 25th of August,
and one by Giorgio Parolini, on September 1st, 2013.

Visit the Festival website for more information, linked here.

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Wladimir Matesic plays the organ in Sant’Anna – Sunday August 5th at 6pm

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Edoardo Bellotti plays in Sant’Anna for the “Organo della Pace” Stagione Concertistica 2012,” tonight, July 8th at 6pm

Liuwe Tamminga, Dutch organist opens the fifth edition of Sant’Anna’s “Organo della Pace” this Sunday, July 1st

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