The Fountain of Apollo in Versailles – the Marble Version, carved by Cervietti Studio in Pietrasanta


BassinApollon1-Urban-WikiPietrasanta’s artisans are famous for collaborating with contemporary artists, but also for extraordinary reproductions of famous work from the past. Such is the case with the replica – in marble – of Jean Baptiste Tuly’s famous Apollo Fountain in the Gardens of Versailles, which was produced in Pietrasanta’s famed Cervietti Studio. The original is made of gilded bronze, and sits in the Grand Canal; it depicts the Sun God, symbol of French power, emerging from the waters. The project is intended for a museum in Taiwan; it took the Studio of the Cervietti brothers two and a half years to carve, from marble from the Querciola Quarry, based on an original plaster model from Paris. The sculpture ensemble took 250 tons of marble and measures 46 feet (14 meters) in diameter.

Pietrasanta’s Vice-Mayor Luca Mori – who took the photos – states “Our artists have extraordinary capabilities when working with artists such as Jeff Koons and Mark Quinn on contemporary masterworks, and at the same time they can reproduce Classical masterworks of imposing dimensions down to the finest detail. It’s a versatility unique in the world.”


Visit the Studio Cervietti website, linked here.

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