Cuarón’s “Gravity” slated for Pietrasanta Premiere after Venice debut


“Gravity” the new sci-fi drama featuring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock (two of Italy’s most beloved Hollywood’s stars) may land in Pietrasanta before its general release in theaters, in Italy, on October 3rd.

Alfonzo Cuarón, the Mexican director noted for his “Children of Men” and “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” wants to give Pietrasanta the gift of a red-carpet Premiere because of his ties to the “City of Art” – which is located in Tuscany’s north-western cosat, near the marble quarries of Michelangelo, in Carrara. The director has a home in the area, and was in town recently to discuss the details with Domenico Lombardi, Pietrasanta’s Mayor, who has proclaimed his “enthusiasm” for the event.

The gala is scheduled for the Teatro Comunale in Pietrasanta’s historic center – 500 seats are available; the list of invitees already counts some of the famous International sculptors who live and work in its marble laboratories and bronze foundries: Igor Mitoraj – one of the bigger names in town has already accepted.

It is unclear, as of yet, wether George Clooney or Sandra Bullock will attend. The date for the Premiere has not been set, yet.

UPDATE: we’ve been informed that the Premiere is slated for the 21st of September.

One thought on “Cuarón’s “Gravity” slated for Pietrasanta Premiere after Venice debut

  1. How interesting that Bullock and Clooney rank high with Italian viewers. I think of them as among the small cadre of what’d I’d call honest Hollywood actors. If George Clooney is there on the 21st, please get him to stay a little longer!!!

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