David Choe jams with Pedro Friedeberg for his exhibition “Snowman Monkey BBQ” in Mexico City

David-Choe-Pedro-Friedeberg-Exquisite-CorpsesCalifornia artist David Choe exhibits his drawings, sketches and large-format murals in Mexico City.

And as part of the show he teams up with Maestro Pedro Friedeberg to create strange creatures living strange lives.

“Something is inescapable, August is a rainy month. Is that kind of rain that cleans and washes all sorrows. It’s raining outside. The summer vanishes meanwhile David is making new paintings with Pedro Friedeberg – a living legend of surrealism in Mexico. (Not only invented several styles of architecture, but also a new religion and two salads).

What happens when two characters paint together – Pedro and Choe? A new series of watercolors and some exquisite corpses, with titles like: Hello Girls, No School Today?

Visit David Choe’s website, linked here.

Visit the exhibition website, for more art and info, linked here.



David Choe
Until October 27th, 2013

Museo Universitario del Chopo
Dr Enrique Gonzalez Mtz #10
Mexico City

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