“The Mafia did it/the State is Mafia” claims journalist Marco Travaglio and Nobel winner Dario Fo asks: “What do they think of us abroad, now?” ___________ The “Festa del Fatto” happens this weekend in Pietrasanta


“É STATO LA MAFIA” – which is a play on words literally meaning “The Mafia did it” but also readable as “The State is Mafia” – is the title of Marco Travaglio’s “performance” this Saturday, the 7th of September at 9:30pm.

Marco Travaglio is one of Italy’s most controversed journalists. He made – or destroyed – his reputation with his decade-long cool-headed take-downs of the government of Silvio Berlusconi. He comes to The Versiliana, in Marina di Pietrasanta, to tell the story of the negotiations between the Italian State and the Mafia, which were initiated, according to him, by the State in 1992, and continue to this day.
From Wikipedia: “Recently, Travaglio has contributed as a columnist to prominent national newspapers and magazines, such as La RepubblicaL’Unità (with his old columns “Bananas”, “Uliwood Party” and “Zorro”) and Micromega. He still contributes to L’espresso with the column “Signorno'”. In September 2009 he contributed to the formation of the independent newspaper, called Il Fatto Quotidiano (“The Daily Facts”).
Read the rest here.

The event will feature readings by Isabella Ferrari.
From Wikipedia: “Isabella Ferrari (born 31 March 1964), is the stage name of Isabella Fogliazza, an Italian actress of television, theatre and the cinema. She is best known as the protagonist, Commissioner Giovanna Scalise in the police drama series Distretto di Polizia (Police District) and Distretto di Polizia 2 (Police District 2) which was televised on Mediaset‘s Canale 5 from 2000 to 2001. At the 1995 Venice Film Festival she won a Volpi Cup award for Best Supporting Actress in the film Romanzo di un giovane povero.”
Read the rest here.

“A sto punto, cosa pensano di noi gli stranieri?” (“What do they think of us abroad, now?”) is the question famous playwright and literary figure Dario Fo (Nobel Prize for Literature Winner, 1997) poses this Saturday at 6pm.

From Wikipedia: “Dario Fo (born 24 March 1926) is an Italian actor-playwright, comedian, singer, theatre director, stage designer, songwriter and political campaigner, and recipient of the 1997 Nobel Prize in Literature. “Arguably the most widely performed contemporary playwright in world theatre”, much of his dramatic work depends on improvisation and comprises the recovery of “illegitimate” forms of theatre, such as those performed by giullari (medieval strolling players) and, more famously, the ancient Italian style of commedia dell’arte.”
Read the rest here.

“La Festa del Fatto” is a literary event featuring journalists and literati from the opposition daily “Il Fatto Quotidiano.” It takes place at La Versiliana in Marina di Pietrasanta, this weekend. All events are free but seating is limited and you have to reserve a voucher, which you can do through the Versiliana site, here, and through TicketOne, here.

Check out the Comune di Pietrasanta’s webpage, linked here, for complete details.

Visit the Versiliana home page for directions and further information, linked here.

Read more “Il Fatto Quotidiano” (in Italian) on their online version, linked here.


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