Peter Greenaway’s multimedia extravaganza “The Towers” recounts 22 medieval tales about Lucca


“The Towers/ Lucca Hubris” is the title of Welsh director Peter Greenaway’s new multimedia production which will take place in Lucca the 21st and 22nd of September.

The work, conceived and produced specifically for Lucca, a county-seat in northern Tuscany, is made up of 22 stories set in medieval times which will be projected in HD on the facade of the recently restored Church of San Francesco. The event features performances by the Roberto Castello dance company.

Lucca is a wonderful – and wonderfully preserved – medieval city; it once featured 130 towers, testaments to the “honorable arrogance” – and hubris – of the rich merchants who built them. The stories go from the absurd to the amusing – and lean to the grotesque. One Bernardino Bernardi built his tower with money that he originally set aside for a pilgrimage to Jerusalem – his rationale post-facto was that building upward was just as good a way of getting closer to God. Leone Morgantini, supposedly built his family tower with poor quality materials so that it would fall down on his ambitious wife and end her aims of social ascent. Another, the Countess Verrachi had herself walled in her brother’s Torre Nera (the Black Tower) because of her fear of the love she felt for him.

The event features a mix of the visual arts, performance and advanced software and hardware technologies, and is scheduled for Saturday, the 21st and Sunday, the 22nd of September, at the Church of San Francesco, in Lucca. The director will be present to discuss the work on Saturday, the 21st.

Peter Greenaway’s website is being updated, so you can find out more about his current work on his fb page, linked here.

Read more about Lucca on the Wikipedia article, linked here.

We link to a map for directions, here.


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