“La Memoria della Pietra” Pietrasanta’s multimedia exhibition celebrating the Artisan returns at M.U.S.A.


Hidden behind the art of great artists is the work of great artisans. This is the central theme of “La Memoria della Pietra” exhibition, ongoing at Pietrasanta’s M.U.S.A. (Virtual museum of art and architecture) until October 8th.

46 interviews, ten photo-portraits and 18 video projections make up the celebration of the “City of Art’s” artisans who work in marble, mosaic, clay – but also in bronze, iron, and printmaking. The exhibition – touted as “cutting-edge visual art” – fills the halls of M.U.S.A., with images and stories that trace the interconnectedness of the artigiani to the centuries-long history of marble quarrying in the Versilia region. Four videos will be projected on the facade of the adjoining building, home of the marble industry associations.

“La Memoria della Pietra” is produced by famed Italian photographer/graphic artist Cesare Monti, in association with the “Il Tempo del Sale” association.

The image above is from the trailer for this year’s show. Watch the trailer, linked here.

“La Memoria della Pietra”
Until October 6th, 2013

Via Sant’Agostino 61 (corner of Via Garibaldi)
Tel. +39 0583 9765

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