The Newlyweds, and Zidane’s Headbutt ____________ Pietrasanta Sculpture, 2013


The “Italia – Francia” exhibition in Pietrasanta wrapped up over the weekend. The summer event was a huge success, at least according to attendance numbers. The curation of the works left many wondering as to wether or not enough was done to explore the theme – Italian and French artists shared concerns and explored similar ideas in the heady years of the Arte Povera movement. Yet we heard complaints that showing works like Yves Klein’s famous Winged Victory, painted blue, was not a thorough exploration of the two countries’ convergent, and often competitive, art movements.

Especially contested was the 5-meter tall “Zidane’s Headbutt” bronze sculpture. While it actually “worked” displayed in front of Beaubourg, in Paris, where the sculpture spent the previous six months, the bronze looked out of place on a medieval Piazza, in Tuscany. We link below to previous posts about the statue’s troubled stay in Pietrasanta…

… but we do have to say that the work, depicting the (in)famous headbutt, which was seen by millions of Italian soccer fans struck a chord with the throngs that came to Pietrasanta for a Sunday stroll. The statue was the backdrop of countless snapshots of happy families, couples and children, posing smiling, capturing their summer vacations on their digital cameras.

Of all of the snapshots we’ve seen, we like the above “Newlyweds and Zidane’s Headbutt” which appeared in the local dailies, … it says it all. Daniele and Valentina – the newlyweds, were photographed by Paolo Mazzei of FotoMania, a camera shop in neighboring Capezzano Pianore.

Visit FotoMania’s website for more photo galleries, linked here.

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