Jeff Koons’ Pink “Balloon Venus” x Limited Edition Dom Pérignon 2003 Rosé


After collaborations with Andy Warhol and David Lynch, Dom Pérignon serves up Jeff Koons and his “Balloon Venus” for its 2003-vintage Rosé.

Koons’ riff on the 25,000-year-old Venus of Willendorf – gets repurposed as expensive packaging for some fine Pink Champagne. It’s either art at the banal service of commerce, or simply the meeting of two towering brands; either way the collaboration pits one of Pop’s greatest marketing geniuses … artists with the cellar synonymous with Champagne, and the result is sparkling… er, shiny.

Two other Dom Pérignon vintages will be dressed in Koons – though these are merely silk-screened boxes.

The two-foot polyurethane resin reclining “Balloon Venus” – with the 2003-vintage Dom Pérignon was unveiled last week in New York… it goes for $20,000 a pop. Supplies (there’s a total of 650) is limited, order yours today.

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