La Dolce Vita … minimum-waged! 2000 apply for 40 jobs at McItaly


One chance in 50. Those are the odds of getting hired at the new McDonalds, opening in Montecatini – a city located between Lucca and Florence, in Tuscany – for those that applied for a full-time position with the American fast food giant. It looks like the prospect of a job, any job, is a mouth-watering draw for lots of Italians struggling with years of “la crisi.” Italy, the third economy in the European Union, is undergoing one of the longest recessions and even slinging burgers now seems an enviable career choice.

The new McDonalds is still a work-in-progress – the site is a barren field in an industrial area of town – but the project has been fast-tracked and the opening is slated for December of this year. The deadline for applying for the 40 jobs was last Friday, and 2000 young, and not-so-young people, some high-school dropouts and some college grads from all over Italy sent in resumes.

Take the McItaly Job Tour, on their website, which we link to here.

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