“Heaven’s Gate” opening extended until January 6th, 2014… thank God!


It only took two centuries to restore, but since April of this year visitors have been able to get an up-close look at the Door of Heaven… the vaulted “sky” of the Cathedral in Siena. Guided tours have taken awestruck visitors to the Church’s attic, and up, through spiral staircases to a hight of 16 meters – that’s 52.5 feet – to get a dizzying view of the interior of the Cathedral, with it’s intricate polychrome marble-inlaid floors – and of the beautiful Tuscan city outside.

The opening of the Porta del Cielo – the Gate of Heaven – of the Cathedral in Siena has been extended until January 6th, 2014.

Reservations are required.

Tel:  +39 0577.286300
Email opasiena@operalaboratori.com


3 thoughts on ““Heaven’s Gate” opening extended until January 6th, 2014… thank God!

  1. Those horizontal lines are way, way out there! Talk about a feast for the eyes, I don’t think I’ve ever quite seen anything like this – and I have seen a LOT of cathedrals in my time. So glad the mosaics can at last be viwed as I presume they were intended to be seen. This is definitely near the top of my list of things to do in Tuscany. Thanks.

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