(p)ART(y!) ____________ There’s lots to see and do this Saturday, the 5th of October in the City of Art


To date Pietrasanta has hosted 33 art exhibits and 27 cultural – and sporting – events, but this is still not the end of it for Art – and parties – in the City of Art. 

Saturday the 5th starts with the special guided tours at the Museo dei Bozzetti – as part of the IX Giornata del Contemporaneo – that means that from 9:30am to 12:30pm it will be possible to visit one of the most amazing museums anywhere, the aforementioned Museo dei Bozzetti, with its 200 artists’ models in plaster, clay and wood by 150 Italian and foreign artists, some of the biggest names in sculpture, and many still active in the region, today.

At 5pm all children up to the age of six are invited to the main library where the “Lettori Volontari della Versilia” (volunteer readers) will read them stories.

Gustavo Vélez’ major one-person-show opens at 5:30pm in the Chiostro of the Church of Sant’Agostino.

And at 6pm there’s the opening of DOCartoon 2013, Pietrasanta’s International Festival of the Animated Documentary and of the Non-fiction Comicbook at the Palazzo Panichi, and at various venues in the city center… more on that soon.

The image above – Revelers – is by New York-based artist Louise Despont, (visit her website, to see more amazing artwork, linked here) apparently one of the few artists-of-note who is NOT showing in Pietrasanta this year. Why?

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“Le Voci del Mondo” – The Museo dei Bozzetti offers free guided tours this Saturday and Sunday


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