“Non-Fiction” rules at the 3rd annual International Festival of the Animated Documentary and the Non-Fiction Comic ____________ DOCartoon 2013 Pietrasanta


The third edition of “DOCartoon” returns to Pietrasanta, with a slate of new animated documentaries and non-fiction comics from the 5th to the 27th of October, 2013. The festival started here and has garnered attention, in Italy and abroad, because of its unique take on narrative, they focus on non-fiction narratives … and all either animations or comics. This year’s program features several premieres along with exhibitions devoted to the work of world-class visual storytellers. The exhibitions, at the Palazzo Panichi and at the Paola Raffo Artecontemporanea Art Gallery, in Pietrasanta, go from today, the 5th of October until the 20th of October, the screenings take place the last three days, from the 17th to the 20th, at the Teatro Comunale . We list the program of exhibitions and screenings below:

DOCartoon 2013 – The exhibitions:

Milo Manara, old-school Italian master-draftsman show at the Palazzo Panichi, along with Riccardo Mannelli and Maurizio Ribichini. Riccardo Mannelli shows his reportage, in graphic-novel form, of his experiences in Nicaragua during the Sandinista Revolution. Milo Manara shows “Un Fascio di Bombe” his recreation, in words and pictures, of the massacre of Piazza Fontana in Italy during the “Years of Lead.” Maurizio Ribichini shows his drawings for the short “La bimba col pugno chiuso.”
Palazzo Panichi
Via del Marzocco, 1
Tel: 0584 795500
For more info: http://www.museodeibozzetti.it

Enrico Bagnoli, Renata Pfeiffer and Claudia Calia show work at the Paola Raffo Artecontemporanea Gallery.
Paola Raffo Artecontemporanea
Via P.E. Barsanti, 11
Tel: 0584 283338

The opening receptions are TONIGHT, the 5th of October, 2013, at 6:30pm.

DOCartoon 2013 – The Film Festival Screenings:

World-premiere screening of “Couleur de Peau: Miel” by Laurent Boileau and Jung Henin. The film won an award at the Annecy Film Festival this year. “La bimba col pugno chiuso” by the filmakers known as Todomodo is the story of Giovanna Marturano, once an anti-fascist and a Partigiana. “Prima la trama poi il fondo” by Fulvio Wetzl and Laura Bagnoli, about the life and work of the painter Renata Pfeiffer. “Costa Crociera” by the Canadian “anijam” collective led by Jeff Chiba Stearns – author of Yellow Sticky Notes.” The animations of Gaia Bracco for songs by the Italian supergroup Elio e le Storie Tese… it’sa sort-of world history leson in four minutes – which features the music of Daft Punk.

Visit the Festival website, linked here, for more information.

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DOCartoon 2012 – Pietrasanta’s 2nd Annual Animated Doc and Comics Festival happens October 6th, through 12th – the opening is at the Paola Raffo Gallery, Saturday the 6th of October, at 5pm

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