The “Michigan Dogman” a strange creature with a canine-like head and human-like body, that walks upright, is sighted in Ottowa County … again

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Here we go, barking up the Tree, again…

Legends abound of strange creatures that walk the land, since … well, since people have shared stories around a fire. There are whole websites devoted to the subject: google “cryptozoology” and you get 1,310,000 hits. We recently wrote about the strange creature known as “The Beast of Gauvedan” which terrorized the French countryside in the 1700s, and we link to that post below.

One such legend concerns one of these mysterious beings called by the local folk “The Michigan Dogman” – and it has been sighted for decades in the woods of Ottowa County, Michigan.

The Grand Haven Tribune has a piece, which you can read online, about the history of the legend and of the sightings in the area. The gist of these encounters is that some “beast” … or perhaps several of them, are living among us, if only on the wooded edges of civilization – it’s a tail so fantastic that it strains the houndser, bounds of reason, the trustworthyness of those coming forward with their stories, and the credibility of news sources, such as this blog, who report them.

If you’ve made it this far, dear reader, we want to first thank you for your patience, praise your threshold of curiosity and commend you for your … dogged perseverance. And so, without further ado, we fetch the tasty bits for you from the aforementioned article:

” “If you also live anywhere north of Grand Rapids in Michigan, how can you not know about the Dogman? It is one of the largest legends in the area and the story has been around for years,” he wrote. “It seems to me it is more than just a huge fantasy.”

The Dogman is reported to have a canine-like head, human-like body, reflective eyes and walks upright.

According to one Ottawa County resident, a creature fitting the description of the Dogman appeared in Grand Haven from 1993-94. “Ben,” who was a young teenager at the time, claims to have seen the creature not once, but three times. He believes each time he was seeing a different creature, in what could have been a pack taking refuge in a Grand Haven Township park.

In 1993, after dark, Ben was hiking the trails in Hofma Nature Preserve with as many as four friends when, passing the float bridge near the center of the preserve, they heard a sound to their right. Ben spied what resembled a dog standing behind a tree on a ridge above, approximately 70 feet away.

“I thought it was just a dog walking along, then it stood up on its hind legs,” Ben said. “One of its feet gripped a branch on the tree. Our eyes met and we just stared at each other for about five minutes, then it ran off.” “

Read the complete Grand Haven Tribune article, linked here.
The illustration above is from Maureen Mullarkey’s First Things blog.

You can read more about the fantastic creatures that walked (and apparently still walk) the land in our “Holy Bestiary!” which is linked-to in our menu above.

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