Gay kisses in church: the Vatican shutters the photography exhibition




Despite the new Pope’s openness to tolerance and acceptance of the differences in people’s alternative lifestyles, some things are still too hot for the Church of Rome, and not surprisingly it reacted – let’s say – not-so-positively to the expressly provocative exhibition by Gonzalo Orquin depicting gay couples kissing: it sent an injunction and cease and desist letter to the “Opera” gallery in Rome, shutting down the show.

Gonzalo Orquin – originally from Seville, but residing in Rome now for many years – set out to expose “the bigotry of Italians.” With the help of friends he photographed the couples in Rome’s beautiful Baroque cathedrals at dawn – the images consciously play with the symbolism of marriage – a right still not afforded gay couples in Italy.

It seems the whole “affare” effectively proves his point.

Visit the artist’s website, linked here.

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