Henry Moore – now for more … and less. “Standing Figure” stolen, “Reclining Figure” off to auction


Standing Figure, 1950″ a sculpture by Henry Moore on display at the Glenkiln Sculpture Park, in Scotland was stolen last week. Police are appealing for information in the latest in a string of Moore sculptures.

In 2012 two men were sent to prison for stealing “Sundial,” in 1010 thieves made away with paintings and sculptures worth 270,000 euros from a gallery in Worcestershire. in 2005 another “Reclining Figure” was stolen.

What fate holds in store for “Standing Figure” is unclear, but spirits are low and the fear is that it will be sold as scrap metal and melted down.

Henry Moore - Reclining Figure, (1951) painted plaster IMG_0411.JPG

Reclining Figure, 1951″ another sculpture by Henry Moore hits the auction circuit, and is expected to break records. Christie’s plans to put the more-than-three-meter long sculpture under the gavel on November 5th, in New York. The expected take for the reclining nude: $8 million.
Henry Moore, a major figure in the post-war art scene – who came to Pietrasanta in the 60s to work in marble and bronze – believed in the social function of art and loved exhibiting his work in public places.

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