“Stop the destruction of the Apuan Alps” – Online petition gathers 4,057 signatures… so far


“Thanks to modern technology, the circa 500 marble quarries working in the Apuan Alps – above Carrara – are inflicting upon the mountains the greatest environmental disaster of Europe”

So claim the people behind the online Avaaz petition which so far has gathered 4,057 signatures… (and now, since we began writing this post, up to 3,064 signatures) . “Nearly 9-million tons of marble are produced each year, 3/4ths of which are in the form of debris destined to the building industry and to the production of calcium carbonate used in the manufacture of toothpaste, paper-whiteners, and large-scale filtering systems – certainly not to provide blocks for Michelangelo.”

Citing the pollution of the air and streams – and the adverse health effects on the local population, the petition demands in bold letters: “We must gradually close all of the quarries, and re-convert the local economy to more sustainable forms.”

THIS is the link to the online petition.

Read more about the Apuan Alps on the Wikipedia article, linked here.
Photo by Rdesai from Wikimedia, linked here.

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3 thoughts on ““Stop the destruction of the Apuan Alps” – Online petition gathers 4,057 signatures… so far

  1. Close ALL the quarries? Is there no middle ground? Seems a bit extreme to close down an entire industry – perhaps a more environmentally responsible attitude from the marble industry might produce results beneficial to themselves AND the wider community.


    Well our captain he rode up on a big white horse

    And he saw all that pure white stone …

    “Gentleman we’ve been sent here by our king,

    Sent here to build the world’s biggest tomb!”

    So take that mountain down; gotta take that mountain down

    The pure white stone is our sacred secret,

    It’s sacred to the Moon; we keep it secret from the wolves.

    But our Moon is always wandering so far away …

    And the wolves, the wolves are always at our door!

    “So we’ll help you take it down. We’ll help you take it down!”

    The good king called in his brave captain,

    “The tomb must be a marvel of our times

    Raise tall the walls! Make it big as you can …

    Big enough for all the troubles in our world!”

    Come on take that mountain down. Take that mountain down

    We worked day and night. We turned that mountain into dust.

    And the walls of the tomb rose high and white in the wind.

    Our good king lined up every trouble he could find …

    But the troubles they said, “We’ll never all fit in!”

    So, take another mountain down. Yeah, take another mountain down

    Words and Music ©2013SteveRossi

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