Banksy’s NY “residency” is over; Le Monde retraces the street artist’s steps and asks: “Genius, or impostor?”


Le Monde weighs in on Banksy’s “tenure” in New York: NY media and the Big Apple’s street artists have called Banksy a spoiled rich kid who excels at self-promotion, and other not-very-nice – if potentially appropriate – names.

During October Banksy took up a “residency in the streets” – an art show featuring his trademark stencils, installations and even sculptures, in New York. Titled “Better Out than In” the month-long “exhibition” was the talk of the town; it both tickled the fancy of New Yorkers who followed the artist’s latest exploits on twitter, and infuriated others, including current NY Mayor Bloomberg, who stated flatly that the street artist’s contributions were graffiti, not art and illegal. None of the property owners whose properties were “improved” by Banksy has pressed charges – and that’s because the work has a high resale value.

We point the way to Le Monde’s assessment – en français – linked here. You can view all of the works produced by Banksy – along with audio commentaries – on his website, linked here.

The artwork above is one of the last pieces “produced” by the artist, also from his website … it’s a souvenir t-shirt which you can have, by taking the jpg above and having it printed on your own t-shirt.


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