Press Play: “Musique de la Grèce antique” by Gregorio Paniagua and Atrium Musicae de Mandrid


Back in ancient days – ok, it was 1986 – Gregorio Paniagua and his motley crew of brothers and nephews released “Musique de la Grèce antique,” an album on French Classical label Harmonia Mundi. The album contains music also reconstructed from archeological records, it is played on hand-made instruments.

Gregorio Paniagua, along with Atrium Musicae de Madrid produced a series of wonderful albums in the 70s and 80s. You can read more about the music on the Wikipedia article, linked here.

Musique de la Grèce antique (CD Harmonia Mundi)
Atrium Musicae de Mandrid – Gregorio Paniagua

1. Anakrousis. Orestes Stasimo 3’03
2. Fragmenrs instrumentaux de Conrrapollinopolis 0’59
3. 1re Hymne Delphique à Apollon 4’50
4. Plainte de Tecmessa l’16
5. Papyrus Wien 29825 – G 13763/1494 4’58
6. Hymne au Soleil l’55
7. Hymne à la Muse 0’57
8. Hymne à Némésis 1’34
9. Papyrus Michigan 4’05
10. Aenaoi Nefelai 1’25
11. Epitaphe de Seikilos l’51
12. Pean. Papyrus Berlin 6870 1’46
13. Anonymi Bellermann 4’l1
14. 1re Ode Pyhique 1’32
15. Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 2436 1’09
16. Hymne Chrétienne d’Oxyrhynchus 1’30
17. Homero Hyrnnus 0’27
18. Papyrus Zenon. Cairo fragment 0’48
19. Terencio. Hecyra 861 0’24
20. Poem. Mor l, llf. Migne 37,523 0’37
21. 2e Hymne Delphique à Apollon 7’14
22. Papyrus Oslo A/B. Epilogos-Karasrrophe 5’09

You can buy the album here.


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