<Reposting: "The destruction of the Apuan Alps; the greatest environmental disaster of Europe"

We REpost a video directed by Alberto Grossi, uploaded to youtube by Eros Tetti titled “Aut Out – la distruzione delle Alpi Apuane il più grande disastro ambientale d’Europa” (Europe’s Greatest Environmental Disaster:)

For more info:

And you can write to Alberto Grossi (and find out about the other films he has for sale) at: albe.grossi@libero.it

Previously on Art is Life:

“Stop the destruction of the Apuan Alps” – Online petition gathers 4,057 signatures… so far

“Turning Art History into Toothpaste” The issues involving the “ongoing environmental disaster” in Carrara’s marble region are beginning to be noticed

“SALVIAMO LE APUANE” Environmentalists and “escursionisti” tag Mount Pania to stop the “destruction of the Apuan Alps”

“The Plundered Alps” Der Spiegel Magazine tells of the devastation of the Apuan Alps

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