The 3 New Scents of Marble: Carrara women’s collective unleashes essences of the fabled stone … and they smell like honey, vanilla, mango and amber… and of course, … marshmallow!


Hot on the heels of “Il Bianco di Carrara” the new perfume by Ferragamo – which saw its premiere at the Cave Michelangelo, a few months back, and just when finding sustainable ways to use marble and promote Carrara and its heritage is on the lips of everyone… here comes a project that’ll have everyone smelling like roses… or orange… or peach… or … … marshmallow.

“Statuario,” “Calacatta” and “Arabescato” are the three new intriguing essences to evoke the spirit of Carrara marble; the venture is produced by the “Donne del Marmo” association – which is made up of women artists and professionals who work in the marble industry. The three perfumes come in a … unique package, each is sealed by a precious marble cap.

You can find out more about these intriguing essences – and buy them though

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