“On the Paths of Destruction” hiking tour sponsored by environmental groups sets out “to defend the Apuan Alps” ____________ This Sunday, the 17th of November


The iron is hot … or rather the marble is, and local environmentalists are chiseling at the issue of the impact of current marble production in the Carrara region in the Apuan Alps.

This is the text of the press materials, in English: “The Associazione Amici delle Alpi Apuane, No al Traforo della Tambura, Salviamo le Apuane, Rete Ambientale della Versilia, Massa Picta, Legambiente Massa Montignoso present their second excursion “Sui sentieri della distruzione” to continue the work of sensitizing and information on the environmental disaster that’s destroying an entire mountain range, the Apuan Alps. Last June we met at the Passo della Focolaccia, the devastated pass, which is symbol of man’s annihilating will and on the ignoring of laws. The 17th of November, hiking through gentle sentieri and old mulattiere, in a landscape that’s a mix of Mediterranean brush and chestnut groves rich in signs of Primitive Man’s activities, we’ll be able to see up-close, the destruction caused by the extraction of marble at the Cave Cervaiole, whose towering presence will accompany us throughout the hike. A circular itinerary which will see us leaving Basati (400m) and go through Ponte sul Canale del Giardino (430m) Ponte della Zingola (198m) and then back to Basati. Duration of the hike: 3:30 hours with an incline of 282m.”

For more information call 347 3060787.

“Sui sentieri della distruzione” (on the paths of destruction) … happens this Sunday, the 17th of November, 2013.
People are meeting at 8:30am at the Palazzo Mediceo in nearby Seravezza.

The photo is from the Salviamo le Apuane Flickr stream, linked here.

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2 thoughts on ““On the Paths of Destruction” hiking tour sponsored by environmental groups sets out “to defend the Apuan Alps” ____________ This Sunday, the 17th of November

  1. Hi! I’m from Carrara, or rather, from Marina di Carrara. I want to say thank you for sharing these informations about our place and our problems; quarries and marble extraction are our (really not the mine) land’s most important business, but our landscape and our mountains are suffering from this wicked work. It’s a great problem because a lot of people work in the quarries and thanks to the quarries, but, at the same time, we’re destroying our beautiful land. Thanks you for talking about it!

    • Salve Gianluca, thank you for your comment – yes it’s a complicated story that seems to become more so with each passing year. Please do keep in touch with any news or about any events that you think our readers might be interested in. GRAZIE, : D

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