Google Street View does the canals of Venice, “The City of Water”


The tech giant behind the popular search engine – and much of the advertising on webpages such as youtube, unveils a new project as part of their so-called “Street-view treks:” … a canal-by-canal tour of Venice Italy.

All 117 islands, 409 bridges, and “The City of Water’s” 150 canals were captured by the Google cameras as they travelled by gondola, barge, and vaporetto.

Click on the photo above for the “view” of the Ponte dei Sospiri, (the Bridge of Sighs) or click here for other “treks” through Venice. Google also proposes an interesting historic comparison between the Serenissima (a name for the Republic of Venice, from the title Serenissimo literally meaning ‘the most/very serene’) of today and as it was in 1838.

Google explains the Venice project – and their other “Street-view treks” such as their Grand Canyon and Mt Everest – on the webpage linked here. Or you can watch the video teaser posted below to get a quick peek.

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