New Pompeii collapses prompt calls for Culture Minister’s resignation


Structures at Pompeii continue to fall down in piles of rubble while politicians continue to establish new rules and newer initiatives for the site’s restoration. The weather has been blamed for the collapse, last week, of wall at a shop on Via Stabiana and plaster in the House of the Small Fountain.

Massimo Bray, Italy’s Ministro dei Beni Culturali who has been charged with doing what it takes to secure the site – under threat of UN withdrawal of the site from the World heritage list – has favored Giuseppe Scognamiglio as Director General for Pompeii, but the Italian daily La Repubblica has already taken aim at the choice. Who is Giuseppe Scognamiglio. asks the daily? Well, unlike the recently appointed heads of cultural institutions, like the National Gallery of London, or the Getty Institute in LA, persons with a background in the arts, Bray’s choice is Unicredit Bank’s head of public affairs.

Calls for Bray’s resignation are already ringing. The deadline for the appointment is December 8th.

Meanwhile across the Channel, the British Museum has produced a movie about the ancient Roman city – featuring exacting 3D replicas of the site, and it is proving to be a blockbuster smash hit in Rome’s movie theaters, outperforming movies such as “Thor.” The movie comes on the heels of the exhibition at the museum which earned 11 million euros so far.

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