“Pietrasanta is a brand and it will not be colonized.” Mayor Lombardi answers contentious remarks from “rival” Carrara


Versilia Produce, a website about all-things marble reports on an article, by Daniele Masseglia, which appeared in the local daily La Nazione recently, which details the ongoing … dialog between Pietrasanta and Carrara, or better between one Carrarese enterpreneur and Pietrasanta’s Mayor, Domenico Lombardi.

We translate the first paragraph: “We welcome the encounter with and opening towards other situations, but one thing is certain: hands off of Pietrasanta’s artistic and cultural patrimony. Dismissing fears that the city might be “colonized” is Mayor Domenico Lombardi, who lends a helping hand to Adolfo Agolini, President of Pietrasanta’s Artigianart, who spoke in these pages on the presumed fight with Carrara, which was initiated by an interview with Gualtiero Vanelli, from the Centro Arti Visive, an enterpreneur who hails from “Little Athens'” rival.”

Mayor Lombardi stated his support for Agolini, and insists that it is the voice of the Artigiani will retain a decisive role in the programming of exhibitions and events in Pietrasanta. The Mayor rejects the local infighting in favor of the international context Pietrasanta has cultivated over the last decades.

“As long as I’m here” continues the Mayor, “there will never be talk of ‘colonization.’ Coming face-to-face with various projects is fine, but only if they are mutually rewarding, always allowing one’s independent identity.”

(via Versiliaproduce)

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