Banksy’s “Better Out Than In” artwork shows up at Art Miami


AnimalNewYork, reports that Banksy’s works produced during his New York “residency in the streets” event which took place in October, has found its way to Art Miami. The works are being sold by the Keszler Gallery and are expected to fetch a pretty penny ($375,000, for a car door ripped from the car painted by the street artist, and upwards of $700,000 for the wall pictured above.)

AnimalNewYork continues: “He is a social anarchist yet has a dealer, an agent and a spokesperson,” the gallery site writes about Banksy, trying to explain selling his transplanted street art. Sounds like a slightly more sophisticated way to restate their other justifications: “We do not need his permission to do what he wants, because it’s not owned by him. It’s made by him.”

See other photos on AnimalNewYork’s site, linked here.

Previously on Art is Life:

For our coverage of Banksy’s “Better Out Than In” NY show – and other Banksy stories visit the webpage, linked here.

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