Pietrasanta’s Holidays on Art – the schedule


Holidays on Art – the Pietrasanta Holiday Season is full of gifts, this year, as the Assessorato alla Cultura, that’s the City of Art’s Cultural Offices, plan to send 2013 off with a … flurry of Art activities. 2013 was a busy year; there were 34 exhibitions in the year which got covered in the media – papers like El Pais and the BBC showed keen interest in the comings and showings in “Italy’s Little Athens” – as did this blog.

“Donne Interrotte” – Angelica Genovesi, Sara Lemmetti, Francesca Iardella, and Daniela Tonetti’s multi-media exhibition lasts until this Sunday the 15th of December, 2013. At the Sala Grasce.

“Royal Ancestors” Dashi Namdakov’s monumental installation takes over the Piazza del Duomo from the 15th of December to the 24th of January.

“Il nostro amore per l’arte | le collezioni della Banca Versilia Lunigiana e Garfagnana da un recente passato alla contemporaneità” is the title of an exhibition of works by artists of the Versilia Region, owned by the above-mentioned bank – and rarely seen in public. The show, featuring 130 pieces, is curated by Leonella Condemi, director of the Galleria d’Arte Moderna of Palazzo Pitti, and Rosanna Morozzi and Silvestra Bietoletti – the art critic Cristina Acidini contributes. In the Complex of Sant’Agostino, in Pietrasanta, from the 21st of December, 2013, to the 4th of February, 2014.

The photographer Luciano Bonuccelli and the painter Giorgio di Giorgio have a joint show at the Palazzo Panichi, curated by Antonella Serafini – from the 14th of December, 2013 to the 6th of January, 2014 at the Palazzo Panichi.

Martine Della Croce Hofman, Swiss artist exhibits paintings at the Sala Grasce from the 20th of December, 2013, to the 20th of January, 2014.

All the exhibitions are FREE and open to the public.

There’s lots of parties in town as well… one worth mentioning is the annual holiday potluck shindig over at Studio Pescarella… this year the wonderful “Manuela e Massimo” play live music.

BUONE FESTE – Happy Art Holidays from all of us at Art is Life!


We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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