Another Pietrasanta based artist surreptitiously installs a sculpture, … and, yes, donates it to the city


On the heels of another sculptor who recently installed – and donated – a sculpture in the City of Art, Giovanni Da Monreale, a Pietrasanta-based sculptor has installed a sculpture of a boy playing video games at a bus stop outside the city center and also declared it “a gift to Pietrasanta.”

The Sicilian artist told a local daily “I know that the city’s administration does not accept, at this time, any type of donation, but that does not take away the fact that I felt opportune – in the guise of decorating artistically the city’s suburbs – my donating it to the community. What will I do if it is removed, because I did not get the proper authorization to place it there? I don’t pose myself the question,” continues Da Monreale, “because I did what I thought was right, without creating problems or discomforts.”

Read the article – in Italian – from Il Tirreno, linked here.

UPDATE: during the Holidays, someone has proceeded to vandalize the work… the resin sculpture’s fingers – and video game – have been broken off… and City Hall has probably already started legal proceedings to fine the artist, who has stated that he is ready to renovate the piece.

Visit the artist’s website, linked here.

The photo is from the artist’s blog, linked here.

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