Martine Della Croce, Swiss artist exhibits her painterly “Voyage in the Imaginary” at the Sala Grasce in Pietrasanta


Swiss artist Martine Della Croce exhibits “Viaggio nell’immaginario” (Voyage in the Imaginary) 10 works at the Sala delle Grasce, in Pietrasanta, until January 12th, 2014.

Dreamscapes, filled with traces, signs, graffiti crowd her canvases, like tales without beginning nor end; Della Croce works in oils, often using her fingers “I have not frequented Academies, I use emotions, my hands and I invent my own techniques.

Critic Anna Caterina Bellati says of the artist: “the artist’s Swiss origins are visible in her work, both in the graphic sensibility and in her intimate way with colors, and in her love for the characters and everyday fables and of narrative, which are all fused in a rhythmic dancing harmony, which is often organized in rows, in radial perspectives, like in ancient Swiss table cloths and fabric, where her personality – strong and sweet – gathers within it a holistic and integrated sense of existence.”



View the artist’s LinkedIn profile, for more information, linked here.

Martine Della Croce
“Viaggio nell’immaginario”
Until the 20th of January, 2014
Sala delle Grasce

Hours: from 4pm to 7pm, closed Mondays.
FREE and open to the public.

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