“Apologia” Database Carrara 2013 ____________ Three artists show site-specific artwork at the Museo del Marmo, in Carrara

“Apologia” – the last project for Database Carrara 2013 – is an exhibition of the works of Greta Alfaro, Juan Pablo Marcìas and Fabrizio Prevedello; the exhibition is currently on view at the Museo del Marmo in Carrara. It features artwork created specifically for Database Carrara, and is curated by Federica Forti, for Ars Gratia Artis, in conjunction with the Comune di Carrara.



Greta Alfaro, Spanish artist, imagines a “Cult of Marble” – an actual sect of devotees who worship the stone as sacred element, and supreme God. Her works metaphorically lay out a destruction of art, and a ritual suicide of the artist … through marble.

Visit Greta Alfaro’s website, linked here.



Juan Pablo Marcìas, Mexican artist, develops his theme of “Tiempo Muerto” (Dead Time) a project which he started in 2009, at the Anarchist Library of Mexico City. His piece features a video dedicated to man’s relationship with the environment.

Visit Juan Pablo Marcìas’ website, linked here.



Fabrizio Prevedello, Italian artist, decided to place his works near the various “rifugi” (shelters) in the Apuan Alps, on Mt Corchia and at the Cervaiola Quarry.

Visit Fabrizio Prevedello’s website, linked here.

Greta Alfaro, Juan Pablo Marcìas e Fabrizio Prevedello
Database Carrara, 2013
Until the 15th of February
Museo del Marmo,

The photos are by Stefano Lanzardo – we link to his website, here.

Visit the Museo del Marmo’s official website for hours and fees, linked here.
And we link to a map for directions, here.

For more information, visit Database Carrara’s website – in English – linked here.

For previous Art is Life posts on Database Carrara, click here.

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