“I Giocolieri” Alessandro Giorgi’s ‘sculptures for interiors’ are on exhibit in Forte dei Marmi


“Alessandro Giorgi – I Giocolieri – Sculture per Interni” is the title of an exhibition of the Italian architect and sculptor’s work on view in Forte dei Marmi, at the Museo Ugo Guidi (MUG) and at the Logos Hotel.

The exhibition opened today the 12th of January and goes until the 15th of January – three days to see the artist’s exploration of the relationship of applied arts and architecture. The show is curated by Giovanna Riu.

To view the exhibition, you need to make an appointment: Call the Museo Ugo Guidi at 348-3020538  or email them museougoguidi@gmail.com, and call the Logos Hotel at 0584-880678.



Visit the artist’s website, linked here.

Alessandro Giorgi
“I Giocolieri – Sculture per Interni”
Until the 15th of January, 2014“
Museo Ugo Guidi” – MUG
via Civitali 33
Forte dei Marmi

and at the

Logos Hotel,
via Mazzini 153
Forte dei Marmi

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