Pietrasanta Sviluppo’s “Mostra Affissioni 2011/2012/2013” a Poster Art Exhibition


You can see many of the posters for the various art exhibits and other initiatives, which have taken place in Pietrasanta, in the last three years – in “Mostra Affissioni, 2011/2012/2013” an exhibition at the offices of Pietrasanta Sviluppo. The offices, which are located in the Teatro Comunale building, are open in the morning and one needs to make an appointment to see the exhibition.

Pietrasanta Sviluppo is in charge of the posting of the bills in the City of Art, as well as being in charge of other city services, like: School lunches, the management of the Bagno Pietrasanta, ICI-Tarsu tax collection, and the supervision of the city’s various pay-parking lots.

Visit Pietrasanta Sviluppo’s webpage, linked here.

“Mostra Affissioni, 2011/2012/2013”
Poster Art Exhibition
Palazzo del Teatro Comunale
Piazza Duomo
Call Pietrasanta Sviluppo, to make an appointment at: (0584) 795564

Pictured in the photo above are Fabrizio Rovai, Laura Togni, Domenico Lombardi, Pietrasanta’s Mayor, Fabrizio Palla, and Marco Bonuccelli. The photo is from Pietrasanta Sviluppo’s fb page, linked here.

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