Marco Cardini, Pietrasanta based artist shows at “Opera Prima” group exhibition in Savona


Pierluigi Luise curates “Opera Prima” a group show of works by international artists at Savona’s Palazzo Oddo, and Marco Cardini, Pietrasanta-based artist shows his “CyberStar” painting, pictured above, which is viewable with 3D anaglyph glasses.

The exhibition features works by the Italians: Roberto Amadè, Andy, Francesco Bubba, Marco Cardini, Giulio Cardona, Mauro Casarin, Riccardo Licata, Raffaella Maron, Carmen Spigno, and Gino Tumbarello; the Croatians: Vinko Šaina, Goran Štimac, and Ivona Verbanac; and the Romanians: Gheorghe Dican, Constantin Neacsu, Ion Tamaian, Vasile Tolan, and Mihai Ţopescu.

The opening reception is Saturday, february 8th, 2014, at 7pm.

Visit the Palazzo Oddo’s website for hours and directions, linked here.

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