Riace Bronzes on display again… finalmente!

Bronzi di Riace

After five years spent on their back, in storage, the famous bronze warriors found in 1972 off the coast of Riace, in Calabria, are back on display. The Art Newspaper reports that 17,000 visitors have seen the statues since their unveiling at the Museo Archeologico di Reggio Calabria. The pace of restoration of the two statues – and the renovation of the Museum itself – are subjects of hotly debated controversy. Considered symbols of Italy itself, the statues remain in Reggio Calabria despite various attempts to have them exhibited – even on loan – in the north.

The statues, simply known as “Statue A” and “Statue B” have been called the greatest sculptures of all time by some. Cast about 460 – 420 bce, the warriors are larger than life, and “more human than human.” We post an excerpt of the 2005 BBC series “How Art Made the World” on the Riace warriors:

Episode 1 of “How Art Made the World.” in its entirety is linked, here.

Read more about the history of the Riace Bronzes on the Wikipedia article, linked here.

The photo above is from the ANSA Archives.

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