“Totò che visse due volte” (Daniele Ciprì and Franco Maresco, 1998, Full Movie)


We post the brilliant “Totò che visse due volte” by the duo Ciprì e Maresco, along with a warning: the film is difficult watching… and was considered blasphemous, and offensive to Sicilian culture, Italy as a whole, and humanity in general, and rated too obscene for any age, upon its release. The film – which deals ultimately with the death of God, is balanced between a Materialist view, Nietzschean Nichilism, and a strong Eschatological undercurrent.

The film-makers, famous for their trash-tv shows stated: “The film is permeated by a strong religious sentiment, but certainly not of the Church… it deals with feelings of abandonment, a broken humanity’s quest for God, as we see – with all due proportion – in the characters of Dostoyevsky.”

The film is in Italian, well… in a strong Sicilian dialect – luckily there are English subtitles.

Thank you Salvatore for bringing this to our attention!


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