“Land of Marble” a short documentary on Pietrasanta’s Skatepark, which is built out of, … you guessed it, Marble

A short documentary, by Simone Verona, about Pietrasanta’s Skatepark, the first skatepark made entirely from recycled marble pieces! The film-makers followed the birth of this “gnarly project” from the design to the opening and of course the video features a lot of skateboarding.

Featured skaters are: Ilyas Serroukh, Simone Verona, Bretty, Fabio Bottelli, Matteo Creminati, Alessandro Cesario, Gilberto Cannarozzi, Nicolo Bromo, Fabio Colombo, Fabio Montagner, Aref Koushesh, Nicola Del Sarto, Iuri Furdui, Jacopo Atzori, Marco Morigi, Stephane Zanette, Federico Romanello, Sebastiano Rossi, Filippo Baronello, Giovanni Grazzani, Matteo Ricci, Matteo Carmagnini.

A 4Skateboard Production, visit their site, in Italian, linked here.

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