“Flight” Helaine Blumenfeld’s monumental bronze sculpture is unveiled at the University of Leicester


“Flight,” a 3m20-tall bronze sculpture by Helaine Blumenfeld was unveiled yesterday in front of the David Wilson Library, at the University of Leicester.

Helaine Blumenfeld is one of Britain’s leading contemporary sculptors, working in bronze, and in marble. She has had long and established ties with the bronze foundries and marble studios of Pietrasanta, where she keeps a studio. She was born and educated in the States, receiving her PhD from Columbia University, and then worked in Paris, before moving to Italy. Between 2004 and 2009 she was elected Vice-President of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, and in 2007, she was the first woman to receive the prestigious International Sculpture Prize, ‘Pietrasanta e la Versilia nel Mondo.”

She was quoted in 24dash.com regarding her new piece: “With FLIGHT I wanted to simplify the human form to its absolute essence and to create a sense of the merging of physical and spiritual presence. FLIGHT is about reaching upwards, about aspiration, about the existence of a higher realm of being. I am very pleased to have FLIGHT standing at the entrance to the David Wilson Library.”

Visit the artist’s website, linked here.

The photo above is provided by the University of Leicester Press Office for University of Leicester in Education and also in Communities.

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