Press Play: “Salvation: A collection of poems by Mr Gee” By Fold




Save the promise of protection
Save the connections
Save the procession
Save the confessions

Save the pressure of public perception
Save the treasure that comes from collection
Save winter’s discontentment, a cold summer’s resentment
Save voter apathy, a crap football team and short spans of attention
Save mishandled scandals, undamaged faith in professionals
Save the alchemist that balances science and intervention

Save industrial strikes
Save the extra daylight
Save the rainy days, last night a DJ saved my life
Pray that unknown Tinas aren’t saved by well known Ikes
Save the good intentions that pave the days of our lives

Save electricity
Save the bumblebee
Save the humble ministry from tumbling amongst the weeds
Save the police deputies and sheriffs that messed with Bob Marley
Save the deterrent inherent in all the world’s armies
Save us from the next flood, earthquake or tsunami
Save the invite
Save the party

Save us from belief
Save us from the grief
Save us from the separation of the chaff from the wheat
Save the daily bread, the daily rice, the daily peas
Save the missing pieces to make the jigsaw complete

So before an offer can be made of salvation
Let’s save ourselves and then work on the nation.

Fold, “experimental live trip-hop from Leeds” released their “Salvation” a collaboration with Mr Gee on vocals, in late 2013. It’s a wonderful album… you can read a review of it on the A Closer Listen site, linked here. The whole amazing 4-track album is available for purchase – for £3.49 or more – here.

Visit the band’s website, linked here.

(via A Closer Listen)

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