Aurelio Amendola’s photographs shed dramatic new light on Michelangelo


450 years have passed since the death of Michelangelo – he died the 18th of February 1564, in Rome – and his work still resonates with the public … and still generates a fair amount of business.

On the anniversary of his death – and you’ll read this phrase often this year on this blog – there are major exhibitions, events, and conferences planned that will try to cast new light on the Renaissance master. And to mention a few: 7000 led lights will illuminate the Sistine Chapel and show off its beauty like never before; exhibitions, events and books are planned in Pietrasanta this year hoping to reveal the secret genius of Michelangelo, and the famed art publisher FMR will publish a large coffee-table book featuring the striking black and white photos of Michelangelo’s sculptures, by Aurelio Amendola. The photos were on display in Florence, recently; they show the statues’ voluptuous forms and shiny patinas with sensuous, breathtaking definition.






Visit FMR’s website, linked here, to find out more information.

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