“Beyond LOVE” Robert Indiana, American Pop artist gets a retrospective at the McNay Museum in San Antonio Texas


Pop (art) will eat itself… or end up in a glowing reverie, amused by its own sheer greatness. Robert Indiana, one of the great Pop artists of Manhattan’s art scene of the 60s gets to have his cake – in the form of a major retrospective at the McNay Museum, in San Antonio, Texas – and eat it too: his “Electric LOVE” has endured the travails of time and has become an outright cultural icon. Monumental versions of the LOVE sculpture are in New York City and in Philadelphia… and a smaller version has graced an 8-cent stamp in 1973. But there’s more to the artist than LOVE… his bold forays into art include EAT / DIE, pictured below… and many wonderful graphic prints, some which take inspiration from the likes of Marsden Hartley.

We quote the McNay Museum press materials for more on Indiana: “Robert Indiana (born Robert Clark, in New Castle, Indiana, 1928) is often associated with the Pop art movement, along with other artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Indiana’s work is characterized by bold, simple, and brightly colored numbers, letters, symbols, and short words. The first American retrospective of the artist’s work, this exhibition includes more than 100 paintings, sculpture, and works on paper from public and private collections from around the world.”




Read the wikipedia article on Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture, linked here.

Visit the McNay Museum website, for more information, linked here.

Robert Indiana
Beyond LOVE
Until May 25th, 2014
McNay Museum
San Antonio, Texas

This exhibition is organized by the Whitney Museum of American Art. The photos reproduced here are from the Morgan Art Foundation, Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.


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