“Go ahead, take my picture in 3D” – Picasso

Stereoscopic photograph of Pablo Picasso in a Stetson by Robert Mouzillat

Picasso in 3D – that’s the exhibition about to open at the Holburne Museum in Bath, England – and why not? The master was fond of experimentation; the exhibition in fact shows us a series of photographs of the spanish artist taken by Robert Mouzillat, a pioneer of the 3rd dimension. They capture the father of Cubism at the bullfights, with his family, in his studio, and in Hollywood.

The press materials state: “These amazing photographs of Picasso were taken in 1957 at his request. He was at the height of his fame and wanted to know how his works would look in 3D. The photographer, Robert Mouzillat, was a celebrated French publisher, brilliant inventor and captivating eccentric who had, with his engineer father, perfected a ground-breaking 3D camera in the 1940s. This small part of Mouzillat’s much larger collection of celebrated people and events provides a unique, intimate and vivid record of Picasso at home, in his studio and garden, and at the bullring in Arles, France.”

Visit the Museum site, for more info, linked here.

Stereoscopic Photographs of Picasso
Stereoscopic Photographs of Pablo Picasso by Robert Mouzillat
22 February to 1 June 2014
The Holburne Museum, Bath
Free admission

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