Frank Horvat, noted photographer stars in Seravezza Fotografia 2014


A retrospective by Frank Horvat, one of the greats of contemporary photographyis the main attraction at this year’s Seravezza Fotografia exhibition.

The photography exhibition, curated by Ivo Balderi, is a sprawling show featuring conferences, workshops and collateral exhibitions. The retrospective features over 290 shots by the master photographer. There’s reportage, fashion photography, portraits and landscapes, divided in 15 sections.

Visit the Seravezza Fotografia website, linked here.






In these ten years that have passed the Palazzo Medici has hosted famous photographers of international caliber, including: Walter Rosenblum, Peter Witkin, John Umicini, Erwin Olaf, James Nacthwey, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Francesco Cito, Roger Ballen, Romano Cagnoni, Enzo Cei, Livio Senigalliesi, Bart Herreman, Silvia Amodio, Andrea Bartolucci and andother yet. Their exhibitions were complemented by those of newcomers and photography students and young emerging authors.

Also this year Seravezza Photography offers a full program of events and appointments, for about 2 months, connecting young emerging photographers with names in international photography exhibitions through the spaces of the Villa Medici (the Palace and the Grand Ducal Stables ), through training workshops and seminars (photography courses at various levels, workshops taught by experienced photographers).

From the 22nd of February to the 21st of April, 2014
Hours: from Thursday to Saturday 3:00am to 7:00pm / Sunday 10:00am to 7:00pm

More information
Fondazione Terre Medicee
c/o Palazzo Mediceo via del Palazzo, 358 Seravezza
Tel. 0584-757443 –

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