Gustavo Velez donates the model for his “Hipercubicos” to the Museo dei Bozzetti, in Pietrasanta


The “bozzetto” or model for the Columbian sculptor Gustavo Velez’ “Hipercubos” was donated by the artist to Pietrasanta’s Museo dei Bozzetti. The model, which is made of marble and resin measures 46cm x 38cm x 35cm – the full-size marble sculpture is over two-meters-tall, and on its way to Panama, where it will become part of a public art collection.

The Mayor of Pietrasanta Domenico Lombardi was on hand to accept the donation and stated: ” Finally, after having been welcomed into our sculpture studios and our most important exhibition spaces we now welcome Gustavo Velez in the Museo dei Bozzetti.” The Museum is home to a wonderful collection of artists’ models, and well worth a visit.

Visit Gustavo Velez’ website, linked here.

Visit the Museo dei Bozzetti website, linked here.

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